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Tara Boddie is a dynamic personality. Defining what it means
to be a modern woman of faith. She is a counselor, author,
and ministry leader dedicated to helping women discover
their God-given purpose through the ministry of marriage
and parenting.

Tara has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with God. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Tara Boddie is a graduate of Spelman College with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Cambridge College in Boston, MA.

Tara Boddie is on a mission to empower women to fulfill their purpose and build a foundation for what she calls a “fulfilled life”.  A Professional Counselor and Educational Consultant working with women, couples and children, Tara has spent the last 15 years working in the fields of education, counseling, and consulting, helping others navigate their goals and find the means to achieve them.

Take care of the little girl in you!

Tara Boddie


Motivational  Speaker

Tara is not only a phenomenal and engaging teacher of the gospel, she is also a talented playwright and actress performing annually at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. Tara’s fresh and relatable style of speaking engages audiences of all ages and cultures, while her experience as an educator and certified counselor for 15 years adds a flare of wisdom and engagement that draws any audience. She has been a guest speaker and panelist discussing topics of religion, education, marriage, and mental health. Your audience is sure to enjoy her captive personality and perspectives.


In her book, Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Would’ve Known, she shares what she has learned about the power women have as wives and how they can harness that power into creating healthy marriages and families. In order to walk in that power there are four critical areas discussed:

  • Setting a firm foundation and understanding the value of the “Ministry of Marriage”

  • Balancing your time in order to have healthy relationships in all areas of your life

  • Conquering a self-serving mentality and using the gifts God gave women to have a more fulfilling marriage

  • Successful Strategies for building a healthy marriage and maintaining love for a lifetime

Women have and ability to create an atmosphere in the home where trust, vulnerability, love, and hope abide.

Whether you are single and considering if marriage is for you, or if you are married and wish to unfold the true joy of the marital experience, this book will give you a deeper understanding of who God has called women to be and how you are divinely gifted to love your spouse into purpose. This book is for you. Get your copy today!


Life Coach & Counselor

Tara Boddie has been a certified counselor and life coach for over 15 years specializing in women, adolescents, and young adults.

Her mission is to educate and assist clients in achieving optimal success by helping them to develop personal, educational, and vocational goals. To facilitate change, Tara knows that an individual must fully accept themselves as a person of worth, dignity, and potential.

Therefore, she seeks to help clients set the foundation for learning who they are. As well as guide them on how to make the most of their own qualities that they can utilize to make their own unique contributions to society. 

For more information on how Tara can come alongside your journey, click below. 

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