My Spouse Is Flawed and So Am I...

Our relationship with our spouse is one of the most influential relationships for discipleship and your relationship with them should push them closer to a relationship with God. When you marry someone, you are marrying them just as they are. A person who gets married under the age of 30 has spent more of their lifetime as a child. This means that this person still has years of growth and development to go through. When you marry them you are stating that not only do you know they have flaws and they are an unfinished product, but you are also willingly signing up to get this person where they need to be. Likewise, you also trust them to help you become the person that you need to be. If you get married believing that you have no flaws or room for growth, you have the biggest flaw of them all. A sound and successful marriage is supposed to grow you as a person. If you are not growing in your values, your thought process, or your point of view, you are not taking full advantage of the marital experience.

-Excerpt from "Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing But I Wish I Would've Known"

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