The Healthy Marriage Movement

Growing up in a family culture full of divorces, extra-marital affairs, and separations, I didn’t know what a healthy marriage entailed, but I knew I wanted to be married.

Like many of you, I quickly realized that love was not enough to keep my marriage from failing. We were heading down and unexpected and disappointing road to divorce and my fairytale was crumbling. I needed to understand how to use the gifts God had given me as a “Helper” to be the wife I was never taught to be.


My book, “Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Would’ve Known” highlights the challenges wives experience juggling purposefulness, marriage, and children, and how to experience a life-changing transformation realizing the power we have as wives and mothers.

In my book, Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Would’ve Known, I share what I have learned about the power women have as wives and how we can harness that power into creating healthy marriages and families.

In order to walk in that power there are four critical areas discussed:

1. Setting a firm foundation and understanding the value of the “Ministry of Marriage” 

2. Balancing your time in order to have healthy relationships in all areas of your life.

3. Conquering a self-serving mentality and using the gifts God gave women to have a more fulfilling marriage.

4. Successful Strategies for building a healthy marriage and maintaining love for a lifetime.

Women are initiating divorces at an alarming rate and it is due to impart to an improper understanding of the purposes of marriage and an inability to tap into our gifts in order to bring out the best in our spouse. Women have and ability to create an atmosphere in the home where trust, vulnerability, love, and hope abide. Whether you are single and considering if marriage is for you, or if you are married and wish to unfold the true joy of the marital experience, this book will give you a deeper understanding of who God has called women to be and how you are divinely gifted to love your spouse into purpose. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

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