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Meet Tara 

Entrepreneur, Best selling Author, Counselor

Wife and Motivational Speaker

Tara Boddie is a dynamic personality. Defining what it means to be a modern woman of faith. She is a counselor, author, and ministry leader dedicated to helping women discover their God-given purpose through the ministry of marriage and parenting.

Book Reviews

Open Book

I recommend this tool to anyone single, married, divorce, or remarried. Absolutely enjoyed the flow, experiences, and the resources to back up the texts. This book Tara, among others you'll have is very special. From the title, the cover, and the ebook sample; you had me curious about this resource. 

C. Smith


This book spoke volumes to me. What I enjoyed so much about this book is that Tara keeps it real. If you would like to better understand what it means to be a godly, nurturing, and loving wife while still taking care of your responsibilities and walking in your God-given purpose, you need this book. When you have moments of “ouch” while reading, you know Tara has hit an area that you are still working on, but I love that she encourages you to not lose hope and provides scripture references to each point in each chapter, followed by questions at the end of each chapter to further encourage you to get on track and stay the course

M. Green

Hardcover Book

This book truly helps you learn about the wife's role in marriage. The author speaks about her marriage and shows how through the years she discovered that the wife's role is synonymous to that of the Holy Spirit! I have had very solid marital examples in my life and I still gained SIGNIFICANT insight what my role as a wife should be if God sees it fit for me to be married.

R. Taylor


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